Infiniti Films, Inc.

Jed Daly

Jed began his career at CBS/Fox Video, the joint venture of CBS and 20th Century Fox, where he acquired more than $150 million in film and television rights from independent producers and distributors, major studios and foreign sales agents.  

He subsequently founded Infiniti Films, Inc.  Its client list includes Lucasfilm, Lions Gate Entertainment, United Artists, CineVisions/ICE, Seven Arts Pictures, Threshold Digital Research Labs, Fireworks Pictures/CanWest Entertainment, f64, Scotts/Atlantic, Nancy Tenenbaum Films, MAC Releasing, Rebel Entertainment Partners, USA Network, Genius Products, and The Movie Group.  His work includes buying and selling rights, overseeing video marketing, preparing business plans and complex film slate cash flow projections, valuing television series, auditing distributor accounting statements, prosecuting AFMA arbitrations, and managing back office operations.

Jed has a MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, a M.A. in communications from Stanford University and a B.A. in Policy Sciences from Duke University. 

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